Latest GO’s

08/11/2012 Introduction of Treasury Fixed Deposit Certificate in lieu of Solvency Certificate
GO(P)No.606/2012/Fin 03/11/2012 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme -Renewal of the scheme for the year 2013 -Orders issued
20/10/2012 Govt. and aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges -Revision of scales of pay -Modification-Orders issued
GO(P)No 594/2012/Fin
19/10/2012 Family pension for lifetime to the unmarried daughters of deceased Government Servant-Modified
GO(P)No 593/2012/Fin
18/10/2012 Pay and Allowances of October 2012 to Muslim Employees -Early disbursement in connection with Bakrid Festival -sanctioned
GO(P)No 573/2012/Fin 16/10/2012 Govt. and aided Ayurveda Medical Colleges-revision of scales of pay
GO(P)No 560/2012/(184)Fin
11/10/2012 Rules for fixation of pay in the revised scale service weightage amendment
GO(Ms)No 554/2012/Fin
10/10/2012 Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio
GO(P)No 552/2012/Fin
10/10/2012 Enhanced financial powers to Government tender committee to consider proposals having technical sanction upto Rs 10 Crore
GO(P)No 551/2012/Fin
09/10/2012 Revision of pension and other related benefits- modified
09/10/2012 Sri.S.L Sreeram Senior Finance Officer ,Kerala Government Service Voluntary Retirement from service
09/10/2012 Local Self Government Institutions -Funds for expansion and Development (Category A Fund) Opening of deposit accounts for accounting the expenditure under SCP/TSP sectors
GO(P)No 546/2012/Fin
08/10/2012 Plan Schemes Delegation of Financial powers of the heads of departments on the basis of the recommendations of the Secretaries Committee meeting
GO(P)No.544/2012/Fin 08/10/2012 Enhancement of delegation of financial powers of Superintending Engineer & Executive Engineer in PWD ,Irrigation Department
04/10/2012 Revision of scales of pay and allowances of the staff Kerala Fishermen’s Welfare Fund Board(KFWFB)
GO(Rt)No.8470/2012/Fin 29/09/2012 Appointment of  Sri.S Sreekumar,Joint Secretary to Government as the Director of Treasuries,Kerala
GO(Ms)No 523/2012/Fin
28/09/2012 Treasury Fixed Deposit Scheme-Payment of incentive to the staff
24/09/2012 GIS – Default of subscription during LWA under medical ground -Revival /remittance of defaulted premia – further instructions
GO(P)No 508/2012/Fin
22/09/2012 Employees who undergo chemotherapy or radiation or heart surgery or organ transplantation -Special casual leave
19/09/2012 KILA – Scales of Pay and allowances – Revised
13/09/2012 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan portfolio-September 2012
GO(P)No.492/2012/Fin 10/09/2012 Revision of Pension/family pension in respect of the teaching staff of Medical Education Department who retired prior to 01/04/1990
GO(Rt)No 7877/2012/Fin
06/09/2012 Centre for Training in Financial Management -Recommendations of  the Academic Committee
GO(Ms)No 486/2012/Fin
05/09/2012 KFC Government guarantee provided for the issue of bonds for Rs 400 Crore